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An Effective Landing Page Steers You to Internet Marketing Success

More than eighty percent of site visitors leave a landing page within seconds after briefly glancing due to poor relevancy, design, and offer. Over fifty percent of web sales are lost because visitors cannot easily find products, content, or services they are looking for on Websites.

how to make your landing page a success

Why do you as an Internet marketer build a webpage, the straightforward answer is to promote any startup business and earn as much profits as you can. So, your whole purpose to create a Webpage is for selling more products, isn't it? If so, then promoting a business needs some mental work that gives a birth of a magic idea and unique trick to bring more visitors on your site.

But, the easy way to make it happen is by creating your page simple, impressive, and to the point information. Nobody wants to read a mammoth, long winding sentence when he or she makes up his or her mind to buy products he or she likes, especially in a tight time. Half of the time, they just leave the site and go to the one that catches their eyes. In a first look, they want to see a specific product detail and its price that they are looking for.

Here comes a landing page does a trick to save to the time from reading unwanted contents. The landing page is an entry page of a website where online visitors arrived at, once they click on a link. A Website can have as many landing pages as it needs to keep each product, service, and product category in a separate page. It should be a page containing specific information about the specific product that shoppers are looking for.

Being the entry page of the website, this is the place where site visitors must get clicked to make them come back. This page also needs to convince them that you are the source of information that will meet their needs. As you know, the first impression is the last impression. To stay in business, you must learn the tricks and tips to make them satisfied as you sell your products. To provide them a full customer, and a product satisfaction, your landing page needs to gradually optimize as the market grows.

Landing page optimization is the process of improving a website by optimizing its content and appearance. So, to make the page more engaging to the target audiences, we should modify the content with relevant to the visitors' information such as search criteria, source, geo-information of source traffic, and so on.

One way to optimize a landing page is by making it static. A static landing page is easy to navigate because it neither has unnecessary banners, ads, or links, nor the visual effects. This helps shoppers to take the desire actions once there and makes them focus on buying the products they want.

As technology grows, so do the software tools to make our work easy and simple. Knowledge of HTML is not necessary now since we have a tool like Landing Page Builder to generate a static landing page in a matter of minutes. Landing Page Builder creates a search engine friendly, search engine optimized landing page, and generates an easy fill-in form to collect the information. This saves a tremendous time and effort.

Choosing this product teaches us the effectiveness of selecting a short character domain name to make a crucial role in a click-through rate (CTR). It shows how to host unlimited number of landing pages for different programs using domain name and hosting account. It also comes with tips and tricks to improve the landing page's appearance and the conversion rate (a number of site visitors), and shows how the file name of the landing page can break a CTR.

Also, this site builder gives specific advice for choosing the file name that will push the AdWords CTR efficiency to the highest level. AdWords is the Google advertising product and offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and site-targeted advertising for both text and banners ads. This allows us to test the effectiveness of different ad content and the site.

Optimize your ranking with engaging content

To make a static landing page more optimized, venturing into search optimization activities comes to handy. This is the process of improving the size of traffic and visitor quality to your page from search engines via organically-sound search results. The speedier a site is presented in the search engine page results, the elevated it ranks, and more visitors will get to see your site. As a marketing strategy for increasing a site's relevance, SEO ponders on how search algorithms function and what people search for.

Why is it a good idea to build a static landing page? Because this page minimizes distractions and don't overwhelm the site visitors with too much information. This contains a desired number of images and color and has good use of navigation.



Takaful diketahui umum sebagai salah satu  alternatif kepada masyarakat yang ingin memilih sistem insurans yang ingin disertai sebagai satu bentuk Perancangan Kewangan. Di Takaful kami amat memahami betapa pentingnya perancangan  kewangan. Oleh itu kami komited membantu di dalam merancang kewangan anda untuk masa depan yang lebih terjamin.

1.1 Istilah Takaful

Makna, Tujuan, Ciri-Ciri & Konsep Tabarru' & K & Konsep Al Mudharabah

1.2 Kenapa Perlu Takaful
Sistem Pengurusan Risiko dan Bantu Membantu.

1.3 Kepentingan Takaful Kepada Anda
Setiap sesuatu perkara itu semestinya ada kepentingannya. Begitulah dengan Insurans secara Islam Ini. Antaranya    Simpanan & perlindungan / Pendidikan Anak Anak / Penyakit & Bil Hospital / Keluarga Anda / Pendapatan Semasa Pencen / Haji, Umrah & Bercuti / Wanita / Hilang Upaya. 

1.4 Insurans Menurut Pandangan Islam

Khutbah Jumaat Di Masjid Shah Alam.


2.1 Contoh Ilustrasi Pengiraan (under construction)
Simpanan dan Manafaat Perlindungan. 

2.2 Contoh Perancangan Kewangan (under construction)
Pengeluaran AP tanpa memjejaskan Manafaat Perlindungan.


3.1 Hubungi Saya
Hubungi Saya untuk sebarang pertanyaan dsb.

Sama Berlindung Sama Beruntung



Takaful Am (Under Construction)

Insurans Kenderaan

1. Insurans Secara Islam

2. Bayaran Premium adalah SAMA

3. NCD boleh dipindahkan dari mana mana Syarikat Insurans

4. BANTUAN IKHLAS 24 Jam. Hanya Dail 1-300-88-0048

5. Jaminan 6 bulan keatas kerja kerja pembaikkan

6. Panel Workshop yang diluluskan oleh PIAM 

7. Electronic Claim Estimation System -

8. E - Covernote - Dihubungkan secara Online dengan JPJ. 

9. Pembahagian keuntungan antara Peserta dan Syarikat  

3..4.5.6789email ke untuk pertanyaan (Under Construction)

Pelajari memulakan perniagaan/mendapat income melalui internet

Mas Kahwin Yang Hilang (Under Construction)

Rahsia Internet    

Formula Luar Biasa (Under Construction)

Rahsia Internet    

Formula CD 40 (Under Construction)

Rahsia Internet (Under Construction)

Kedai Alam Maya 

Kuliah Agama       

e-Book (Under Construction)  

Rahsia Internet

Novel Terkini (Under Construction)

Rahsia Internet    


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